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  • Getting to grips with blockchain
    Banks have suddenly cottoned on to the power of the blockchain technology beneath Bitcoin. Inside their own treasuries and innovation labs, and increasingly in collaboration, banks are testing uses for rebranded distributed ledgers to replace their costly, proprietary systems. Enthusiasts see banks creating a new fabric for payments transfer and financial markets, an internet of money. Doubters sense it’s all hype. Big challenges remain, but markets from private equity and syndicated loans to corporate bonds and derivatives may go on private blockchains within months.
  • Thiam fights Europe’s – and Credit Suisse’s – corner in pointed rights-issue snub
    Exclusion of leading US investment banks looks like a calculated move from Credit Suisse’s new CEO.
  • Asia banking: Myanmar’s makeover
    Bankers are always looking for a new frontier, and they think they’ve found one in Myanmar. While the country’s potential is unquestionable, those hoping to turn a quick profit are likely to be sorely disappointed.


1 DOW 21,080.28
-2.67 (-0.01%)    
2 S&P 2,415.82
+0.75 (0.03%)    
3 NASDAQ 6,210.19
+4.94 (0.08%)    
4 OILW 16.59
-0.43 (-2.53%)    




  • Index for the Swiss Private banking industry
  • New assets to be introduced to private client index
  • CME housing futures (shorting the housing market)
  • Assets Under Management in Switzerland

FTSE Group have partnered with Private Banking Index Ltd. to develop a unique set of indices for the private banking industry [...

]Swiss Wealth Management

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Association of Private Client Investment Managers and Stockbrokers plans to introduce hedge funds and commercial property into their three major private investor indices. (Source: Weath-Bulletin)

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While other industries, such as agriculture and the financial markets, have access to a wide range of financial risk management tools, such tools have not been available to the housing industry - until mid-2006.

Chicaco Mercantile Exchange Housing Futures


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TCP Survey of Swiss Banks 2013: ranked by Assets under Management


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